The most common types of boho jewelry include inexpensive boho necklace made from semi- precious stones like turquoise, labradorite, lapis lazuli, quartz and amethyst and more natural material which are accessible like shell, leather, base metals, string and cord. The boho jewelry is not expensive as is typical with majority of the fashion styles in the counterculture.
When it comes to color, the boho jewelry tends to be gravitating toward brown, green, yellow and orange colors that feel more natural. Still there are other color schemes are also possible with blue colors or bright red colors, various shades of pink and purple. It is also the reason why the gemstones are known to be popular as they tend to bring color to the piece.
Despite having the typical features of natural motifs such as stars, sun, flowers and animals, geometric shapes and spiritual motifs like mandalas.
Is the boho jewelry suitable for me?
Boho jewelry is known to be suitable for anyone. While it might tend not to be the best choice for the red carpet, it is a great relaxed, casual, free spirit look. You have to pieces which you find to be more comfortable to wear and that which suits you in terms of size and color.
It doesn’t mean that, when something looks great on someone else it is going to look good on you. You have to ensure that you always to piece the pieces which feel suitable for you. If you are someone that likes minimalist, the understated jewelry, there are boho gorgeous pieces that suit you.
Where to purchase boho jewelry
There are shops that specializes in boho jewelry but it in case you happen to want to be able to get a general feel of it, it is recommended that you start your search online.