How much are you willing to give for love? It is important that you know how much you can give before you get into a relationship. One tip though, you need to leave some for yourself as without it, you cannot love someone completely and whole heartedly. Do not get into a relationship until you finally know the amount of love you can give. But actually when getting into a relationship, you must not only know how much love you can give, as there are other factors that you need to know to ensure that your relationship will last and you can keep up with a happy relationship

How much time can you give?
Time is very important in a relationship. How much time can you give? Are you willing to share your time with someone else? If you are not done yet with your life or your time is not enough to let you do things that you want to do for yourself, then you are not ready for a serious relationship, you have to step back and think again.
How much money can you give?
Just to make this statement clear, you do not need to be rich to get into a relationship but you must admit that you need to have money to bring her out on a date and buy her special gifts. If the money you have is not enough to feed yourself, you may want to reconsider getting into a relationship.
If you are so ready, yet there is no one knocking at your door or the person you want is ignoring you, consider texting him messages from text chemistry and you can absolutely see what these magical messages can bring to your life. Love must not be rushed and should be thought of well before getting into it.